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  • How is Only Fans changing the narrative around sex work?
  • How is Only Fans changing the narrative around sex work?
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Only Fans: a hub for body positivity and empowerment

Only Fans is a social platform that normalizes sex work, fuels hustle culture, and uses a subscription model to turn social currency into cash. It empowers creators to be in charge of their brand and is part of a growing number of platforms that contribute to The Passion Economy.

Location United States

Social distancing, face coverings, and minimal social security are the trifecta of threats for many jobs and livelihoods, especially those of a sex worker. The COVID-19 pandemic and continued lockdown measures, which have left millions of people around the world without access to their pre-pandemic income, are forging a new path for digital income opportunities. Only Fans is one of these – the platform offers a revenue stream for sex workers, influencers, and content creators alike. Like Instagram, creators can upload content, photos, and videos to create a personal brand and gain a considerable following. Unlike Instagram, ...



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    How is the gig economy evolving? What is the future of work-life balance? And how can managers drive performance remotely? In this part of the 2021 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about how people are adapting to the massive changes taking place in work environments.

  • Online sex work booms and diversifies, shedding shame Online sex work booms and diversifies, shedding shame

    While a shift towards open, sex-positive online communities has been underway for some time, the mass migration to online spaces spurred by the pandemic has led to a boom in digital sex work. Facing a recession, people are experimenting with new forms of online sex work to earn cash.

  • Article image Feeld: sex-positive, ethical non-monogamy

    Once an app designed exclusively to facilitate threesomes, sex-positive Feeld has grown to champion inclusivity, educate its users, and reduce stigma and shame through an authentic and comprehensive content offering. This open-minded niche platform is working to democratize dating and sex.

  • OnlyFans lures cash-strapped side hustlers OnlyFans lures cash-strapped side hustlers

    As the pandemic sends industries into shutdown and puts thousands out of work, adult modelling is growing in popularity. Unable to leave home, people are turning to side hustles online, with OnlyFans gaining particular momentum by giving people the ability to monetise private content.