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  • How is Strong Black Lead upping representation for Black content?
  • How is Strong Black Lead upping representation for Black content?
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Strong Black Lead: creating community around content

In a climate where representation in media is vital for minority viewers, Netflix’s Strong Black Lead is using its celebratory platform to ensure Black people feel seen. By constructing a collective voice, not only is it bringing people together, but it showcases true-to-life content.

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Starting as a thematic selection option on Netflix, Strong Black Lead, which highlights and promotes content that touches on the Black experience, has reached monumental heights as a sub-brand. Launching in February 2018, it had its grand unveiling during a commercial break of the 2018 BET Awards. The ‘A Great Day in Hollywood’ ad featured 47 Black actors, writers, showrunners, and producers across 20 Netflix shows; it conveys the message that the establishment of SBL wasn’t a knee-jerk reaction but a movement with the intention of implementing long-lasting change. Photographed by Kwaku Alston and directed by Lacey ...



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