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  • How is the Financial Gym helping people with their financial literacy?
  • How is the Financial Gym helping people with their financial literacy?
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The Financial Gym: getting Americans financially fit

The Financial Gym sets its members up with personal trainers and clearly defines plans to get their relationship with money back on track. In the wake of the pandemic, its approach is more relevant than ever.

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“I just feel unloveable. Who would want to marry me with all of this debt?” Shannon McLay says hearing these words from a client she was giving pro-bono financial advice to while she was working at Bank of America Merrill Lynch is what set her on the path to “becoming the worst financial advisor ever. I loved people with no money.” [1] In 2015, McLay decided to leave the corporate finance world and set up her own business. Her mission was to offer financial help to anyone who needed it, regardless of their bank balance (at Merrill, ...



  • Article image 2021 Expert Outlook on Money

    Have frictionless payments gone too far? Are women finally set to get targeted financial advice? And will investments’ eco credentials trump potential returns? In this part of the 2021 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about how people are redefining their relationships with money.

  • Article image R/Unemployment: alt support for professionals

    In the US, the pandemic and accompanying recession have put millions out of work. Faced with a convoluted benefits application system, the hardship of unemployment, and growing self-reliance, laid-off workers are turning to online communities for crowdsourced support.

  • Article image Dave: simplifying money management

    To make managing their money easier for Americans, the Dave app links with existing bank accounts and aims to keep people in the black by notifying them when they’re about to go into overdraft. It also breaks down anticipated ingoings and outgoings, giving users an easy way to budget.

  • Article image What stops women from saving for retirement?

    The financial inequalities faced by women in America aren’t limited to a pay gap. Traditional gender expectations and a lack of tailored services mean that they’re also less prepared for retirement than men. So, how can women be encouraged to build a nest egg as they move through life?