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  • How has mass digitisation changed attitudes towards Big Tech?
  • How has mass digitisation changed attitudes towards Big Tech?
    Zen Chung (2020) ©

2021 Expert Outlook on Technology

Why are people reconsidering their relationships with Big Tech? How might geopolitics impact innovation? Can digital tools help boost resilience amid uncertainty? In this part of the 2021 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about the shifting role of technology in the wake of the pandemic.

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With shelter-in-place restrictions making the internet the only avenue for people to connect with loved ones, entertain themselves, shop, and work, 2020 was the year that the role of technology in everyday life advanced beyond all expectations. By one estimate, COVID-19 compressed five years’ worth of progress into three months. Before the pandemic, people were already scrutinising their relationship with tech, but as the year progressed, a reliance on digital devices and platforms exposed new dependencies.

Whether out of choice or necessity, people embraced tech solutions that eased their day-to-day during the crisis – ...



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    Anonymous Camera: privacy for protestors

    Anonymous Camera is an iPhone app that enables users to anonymize photos and videos in real-time using artificial intelligence. Journalists are using the app in an effort to preserve protester’s privacy and it’s working to assuage people’s fears when it comes to surveillance.

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    How altruism is changing trust in tech

    The global coronavirus pandemic and ensuing lockdown has created a multitude of technological solutions that could impinge on rights to privacy in the long-term. How are Britons dealing with this new level of surveillance and what does this shift in behaviour mean for the future?

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    Intellect: discreet mental health support

    As people around the world wrestle with the impact of COVID-19 on their mental health, therapy and helpful apps are being sought out by people looking for support. Tackling the stigma of open conversations about mental health, Intellect is a Singapore-based app pushing for positive change.

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    SuperAwesome: making the internet safe for kids

    Brands and regulators are realising that kids are joining a web built for adults. From creating kid-appropriate games to nailing legally-compliant video content, SuperAwesome’s kid-orientated cyber safety champions changing data and advertising laws for children’s online activity.