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  • What do shoppers miss most about the brick-and-mortar experience?
  • What do shoppers miss most about the brick-and-mortar experience?
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2021 Expert Outlook on Shopping

How can stores lure customers post-pandemic? What’s the future of pop-ups? And how is a sense of community driving shopping journeys? In this part of the 2021 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about people’s varied paths to purchase and the ways they connect to retailers.

Location Global

2020 saw a fundamental shift in shopping behaviours as lockdown measures pushed new audiences and businesses online. In the US, just 16% of adults aged 65 and over said they shopped online at least once a week in May 2019, but 43% have been using e-commerce more often since the start of the crisis. The convenient habits born during the pandemic – such as curbside pick-up, stocking up on comforting basics directly from brands, and live-streamed shopping sessions – are likely to stick around, and some brands are embracing partnerships to make ...



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    Karrot: second-hand goods for local exchange

    In the face of a pandemic-stricken economy, cost and local access have become important considerations. Enter Karrot, an app that facilitates shopping solutions for South Koreans. Karrot’s low prices and neighbour-to-neighbour selling allude to the future of post-pandemic retail.

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    Why digital beauty wants you to dream before you buy

    The inability to try products in person has long been a barrier to buying beauty online, but with stores closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have become increasingly reliant on e-commerce. How are brands innovating their e-tail offerings to both enhance discovery and assuage concerns?

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    Will second-hand clothes stay in vogue post-COVID-19?

    Price is often highlighted as the main driver behind fashion choices. In spite of people’s desire to shop eco-friendly, there’s a high barrier to entry for most ethical brands. Is fashion resale a way to ensure greater eco access, or is the second-hand market causing more problems than it solves? 

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    What makes shoppers loyal to an online brand?

    The widespread closure of brick-and-mortar stores due to COVID-19 has underlined the need for businesses to have effective e-commerce and social media strategies. But how do people want brands to behave in digital spaces? And why are privacy and community so important to online shoppers?