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  • How might travel behaviours change after the restrictions of 2020?
  • How might travel behaviours change after the restrictions of 2020?
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2021 Expert Outlook on Getting Around

Could the 15-minute city gain ground post-pandemic? What safety concerns will arise as people get back on the road? And how can mobility-as-a-service democratise transit? In this part of the 2021 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about the rising importance of safe and inclusive transport.

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2020 was meant to be the year that sustainable transport really hit the mainstream, with investments in railways and micro-mobility giving people an easy way to put aside their flight shame or love for gas-guzzling cars. However, with COVID-19 diminishing people’s faith in the safety of public transport and cars emerging as a form of road-based PPE, eco options are being threatened by modes of transit that feel more hygienic or personal.

The popularity of car-based entertainment (i.e. drive-in cinemas and concerts) suggests that a return to



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    Tork Motors: e-bikes to curb air pollution

    There’s high interest in the promotion of electric vehicles in India as a means to tackle high fuel rates and ever worsening air pollution. But with limited infrastructure to support adoption, brands such as Tork Motors can work to lead the charge toward greener transport.

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    Slow Streets: re-imagining mobility in Oakland

    The pandemic has transformed people’s needs and expectations of social spaces. The city of Oakland, in California, has launched Slow Streets, which reduces traffic to enable physically distanced activities and exercise. Can other cities use this moment to create safer, greener landscapes?

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    Could COVID-19 pave the way for a greener commute?

    As the UK emerges from COVID-19 lockdown, public transport capacity is set to be severely limited to reduce the risk of further infection. But is a surge in private car journeys inevitable? Or could the post-pandemic world present a new opportunity to encourage greener, healthier commutes?

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    Cargoroo: green getarounds for urban families

    Families, small businesses, and individuals who need to transport heavy loads are broadly neglected by existing micro-mobility solutions. By enabling rental by the hour, Cargoroo allows them to enjoy the benefits of e-cargo bike travel, which include carbon efficiency, exercise, and convenience.