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  • Will telehealth democratise access to essential services?
  • Will telehealth democratise access to essential services?
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2021 Expert Outlook on Health and Fitness

Will menopausal women get the personalised care they need? Might fitness fans embrace recovery? Could the power of collective responsibility outlast the pandemic? In this part of the 2021 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about how individualised care can make people more resilient.

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Even for those who avoided getting COVID-19, health has been a monumental concern in 2020. Confined to homes or exposed on the frontline, people have experienced seismic physical, mental, and emotional health issues during the pandemic. But a newly minted awareness of personal and collective well-being – as well as rapid-fire innovation, from perfume houses turning into hand sanitiser manufacturers to possibly the world’s fastest vaccine development – has highlighted what’s possible within the realms of healthcare.

Ultimately, however, the pandemic has laid bare the inequalities in global ...



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    How workouts are levelling up body knowledge

    The pandemic has accelerated the number of people exercising from the comfort of their homes, but it is a trend which existed long before the crisis. It's not only about convenience. How is the personalisation and socialisation of fitness tech changing the workout space?

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    Nike (M): empowering maternity sportswear

    The launch of Nike (M) marks a turning point in the visibility of active women who want to continue exercising while pregnant and during the postpartum period. Historically underserved, Nike is catering to women looking for activewear that suits and supports the needs of their changing body.

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    How is COVID-19 set to impact emotional wellbeing?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly reconfigured the world as we know it – and a mental health crisis could be waiting in its aftermath. Canvas8 spoke to Staci K. Haines, the author of The Politics of Trauma, to understand how the outbreak is set to challenge and change our emotional wellbeing.

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    Sick Sad Girlz Club: uniting women with chronic diseases

    The Instagram account @SickSadGirlz was launched with one aim: to give a voice to sick or sad women around the world, often telling the stories of those with invisible illnesses. It's an example of how social media has transformed the way individuals can connect and seek support.