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  • How will self-care and beauty rituals evolve in 2021?
  • How will self-care and beauty rituals evolve in 2021?
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2021 Expert Outlook on Beauty

Have indie brands killed off the beauty influencer? Are self-cleaning products the future? Has lockdown home-pampering shaped skincare routines for good? In this part of the 2021 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about how people are seeking new forms of comfort from their beauty routines.

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If the beauty antics of 2019 felt disruptive, it's safe to say nothing could have armed brands for what lay ahead in 2020. With the pandemic forcing salons to shut, in-store testers posing a health hazard, and make-up sales plummeting, COVID-19 has rewritten beauty habits. But far from sacking off their beauty routines, the chaos of 2020 saw consumers move away from performative acts of beauty and instead find a sense of refuge and control in beauty rituals. From Glossier hosting beauty classes via Zoom to Skintimate’s showering meditations, brands have been forced ...



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    Can body honesty dissolve perfection fatigue?

    Lockdown measures have led people to rethink their self-care routines, causing many to adopt DIY treatments. How might this switch to at-home alternatives promote the acceptance of bodily quirks that have long been considered shameful? And how can brands help combat lingering beauty taboos?

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    Why digital beauty wants you to dream before you buy

    The inability to try products in person has long been a barrier to buying beauty online, but with stores closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have become increasingly reliant on e-commerce. How are brands innovating their e-tail offerings to both enhance discovery and assuage concerns?

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    Are Gen Zers done with make-up?

    Compared to past generations of teens, Gen Z’s aesthetic ideals are distinctly low-key, with the pursuit of an inside-out glow meaning that cosmetics purchases tend to revolve around intelligent skincare routines. So, how does make-up fit into this minimalist approach to beauty?

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    Crown Affair: modern hair rituals

    As people turn to their beauty routines in an attempt to reduce anxiety and enjoy moments of calm, the ‘slow’ grooming of Crown Affair is winning fans. A holistic approach that’s refreshingly simple and rooted in ritual, Crown Affair’s retro style is modernizing hair care.