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  • What does an aspirational home look like in 2020?
  • What does an aspirational home look like in 2020?
    Naim Benjelloun (2019) ©

How does the multipurpose home impact nesting?

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a swift evolution of the home. Where it was once a private space, it’s now a pseudo-public, multipurpose area required to fill a range of personal and professional needs. How can brands tap into changing nesting aspirations and address new domestic challenges?

Location United States

For over 50 years, the grand American home has been a core part of the American Dream – but modern homes don’t fit this narrative. The average apartment built from 2015 to 2019 is roughly 10% smaller than one built from 2000 to 2009, while the rise of ‘tiny homes’ – of which there are over 10,000 nationwide, with an annual growth rate of early 7% – hints at a desire for more eco-friendly and affordable abodes. [1][2] Meanwhile, the cost of buying in certain locales is forcing people to uproot their lives to ...



  • Article image How lockdown sparked a shift in minimalist values

    Being stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to reevaluate their lives, leading some to embrace a simpler way of living by starting a vegetable garden or figuring out an effective work-life balance. Will this change in habits spark a minimalist resurgence in the long term?

  • Article image Clare: curated wall paint for 'pandecorators'

    How does your home make you feel? With its curated selection of colors, convenient delivery model, and ‘clean’ credentials, Clare is giving the wall paint industry a Gen Yer update, aligning with people’s view that the home should be a place for peace and self-expression.

  • Article image Cottagecore: quaint, kitsch-loving Gen Zers

    Having emerged from Tumblr and established a presence on TikTok, the cottagecore subculture has seen young Americans go online to post pastoral aesthetics and participate in activities that are more common in rural areas. But what exactly is driving Gen Z’s interest in quaint lifestyles?

  • Article image Home hackers: DIY cleaners finding inspiration online

    Armed with an internet connection and a laundry list of jobs, home hackers are connecting globally to share cleaning tips. But what drives people to come up with DIY solutions when there are so many specialised products out there? And how can brands show their value to these individuals?