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  • How is Design Emergency exploring the future of the industry?
  • How is Design Emergency exploring the future of the industry?
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Design Emergency: sharing proactive problem-solving

A panacea for the pandemic, Design Emergency is a research project hosted on Instagram. Every week, the founders investigate the design industry’s response to COVID-19. The series also explores how the aftermath of the global crisis could reshape the way designers approach their craft.

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Marco Ranieri, an Italian doctor who doubled the capacity of a ventilator; Alissa Eckert, the illustrator who designed the spiky blob that symbolises the coronavirus worldwide; Tegen Corona, a design collective in Antwerp that mobilised 100,000 PPE items; and Mark Dalton, a creative director who led the COVID-19 public information programme in New Zealand. Design can take many shapes and forms, but it’s been instrumental in society’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. [1] That was the inspiration for Paola Antonelli, senior curator of architecture and design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and Alice ...



  • Article image Dr. Katharina Husemann on spirituality in a crisis

    The uncertainty and anxiety created by the events of 2020 have left many people seeking ways to ease their minds and find a sense of serenity. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Katharina Husemann, a senior lecturer in marketing at Royal Holloway, about consumer spirituality as a coping mechanism.

  • Hope in marketing can reduce new product anxiety Hope in marketing can reduce new product anxiety

    With COVID-19 making shopping an anxiety-inducing activity, trying new products can be nerve-wracking. But researchers have found that using hope in marketing can increase consumer confidence and product adoption. Brands can mitigate anxiety by spotlighting predicted goals. 

  • Article image Why blanket messaging isn’t enough in a crisis

    People have responded to the crisis in different ways – either due to personal choice, privilege, or circumstances outside of their control. Canvas8 spoke to Juliana Horowitz and Dr. Grant McCracken to understand how brands can uncover the nuances of the pandemic experience for their audience.

  • Article image What role do brands play in a lockdown?

    From messages of support to those that aim to entertain, how can brands deepen their relationships with people during a pandemic? Canvas8 spoke to Tom Doctoroff, author of Twitter Is Not a Strategy, to understand the role brand behaviour plays during a time of uncertainty and crisis.