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  • How do personal goals and values influence self-gifting?
  • How do personal goals and values influence self-gifting?
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Why do Britons buy themselves gifts and treats?

From finally splashing out on a dream car from one’s youth to splurging on a new dress in celebration of a promotion, there are numerous reasons to buy yourself a treat. Canvas8 polled 1,000 Britons and spoke to four people to find out why they indulge in self-gifting from time to time.

Location United Kingdom

As noted in most of the Christmas song canon, generosity is synonymous with the holiday spirit. And despite the economic blows dealt by the pandemic, the giving of presents is not going anywhere. According to a survey commissioned by American Express, Britons are set to spend £346 on Christmas gifts in 2020, which represents an 11% rise from 2019. That said, nearly two-thirds of shoppers are hoping to reduce their Christmas spending due to the impact of COVID-19. [1]

While most gift-giving in the UK will take place in December, Britons have been regularly buying ...



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