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  • What do people expect from work perks in the ‘new normal’?
  • What do people expect from work perks in the ‘new normal’?
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Careers Sector Snapshot: November 2020

How are employers helping employees maintain their wellbeing? Why are people of all ages coming to appreciate online learning? How might life under lockdown impact parents’ job prospects? And what does genuine action on diversity and inclusivity look like in the workplace?

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In the November 2020 Sector Snapshot of Careers, we look at the ways in which employers are helping to maintain their employees’ wellbeing, explore why people of all ages are coming to appreciate online learning, consider how life under lockdown could impact parents’ job prospects, and shed light on what genuine action on diversity and inclusivity looks like in the workplace.

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  • Article image How COVID-19 has added to the ‘motherhood penalty’

    The COVID-19 pandemic has seen women dropping out (or being forced out) of the workforce in record numbers. What are the reasons behind this shift and how might they affect gender equality in the long run? Additionally, how can brands support mothers as they strive to find success and balance?

  • Article image Awaken: long-term diversity commitment

    The company Awaken aims to create a compassionate space for uncomfortable workplace conversations. Running thought-provoking workshops around inclusion and social justice, its principles are built on long-term commitment to DEI, rather than knee-jerk reaction initiatives.

  • Article image Why getting uncomfortable earns people’s trust

    In the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests, brands are working on anti-racism agendas. But in order for real change to occur, it’s clear that businesses need to pursue, not avoid, ‘uncomfortable’ positions. As people look for brands to take action, embracing discomfort is a way to earn trust.

  • Article image Perlego: the Spotify of textbooks

    With the price of textbooks seeming to skyrocket every year, one postgrad student was inspired to start a digital subscription service, providing unlimited access to 400,000 academic titles. And as lockdown forces students to pivot to online learning, Perlego is coming into its own.

  • Article image How can digital mentorship equalize learning?

    A desire to stave off boredom and anxiety in lockdown has led many people to explore the world of online learning, embracing virtual dance sessions and workshops with celebrities. As our interactions become forcibly digitized, could COVID-19 usher in a new era of digital mentorship?

  • Article image Another Zoom?! The science of virtual leadership

    Leading a team can be difficult at the best of times, and amid a mass uptake of remote working due to COVID-19, fresh challenges have emerged. Canvas8 spoke to Ina Purvanova, professor of leadership and management at Drake University, to learn the traits of a great virtual leader.

  • Article image What stops women from saving for retirement?

    The financial inequalities faced by women in America aren’t limited to a pay gap. Traditional gender expectations and a lack of tailored services mean that they’re also less prepared for retirement than men. So, how can women be encouraged to build a nest egg as they move through life?

  • Article image What's the future of remote work in America?

    With people around the world being urged to socially distance themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working has fast become a new normal. How can employers bring their staff together (virtually) during this turbulent time, and what are the key challenges remote workers face?