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  • How has the pandemic made motherhood even harder?
  • How has the pandemic made motherhood even harder?
    Ketut Subiyanto (2020) ©

How COVID-19 has added to the ‘motherhood penalty’

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen women dropping out (or being forced out) of the workforce in record numbers. What are the reasons behind this shift and how might they affect gender equality in the long run? Additionally, how can brands support mothers as they strive to find success and balance?

Location United States

For women in the US, COVID-19 has created a multi-layered crisis – one that goes beyond their physical wellbeing to affect their mental and financial health in a disproportionate way. As reported by the National Women’s Law Center, women accounted for 56% of job losses between February and May 2020, with the 13.9% unemployment rate (compared to 11.6% for men) far exceeding the highest rate recorded during the Great Recession. [1]

A lack of childcare assistance has been a major factor as many mothers have been left struggling to juggle their careers and domestic responsibilities. The ...



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