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  • How are people turning to online communities in times of crisis?
  • How are people turning to online communities in times of crisis?
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R/Unemployment: alt support for professionals

In the US, the pandemic and accompanying recession have put millions out of work. Faced with a convoluted benefits application system, the hardship of unemployment, and growing self-reliance, laid-off workers are turning to online communities for crowdsourced support.

Location United States

In the face of rising COVID-19 cases, the unemployment rate in the US reached historic levels by April, though this level has bounced back somewhat due to the government’s handling of the pandemic. [1] Despite the widespread availability of unemployment benefits, the application process has proved convoluted and confusing. Coupled with the government’s slow and imprecise stimulus check program, Americans unable to find answers through official channels have turned instead to online networks for bureaucratic clarity and emotional support. [2] In response, a surge of subscribers have joined r/Unemployment, an open but tightly moderated Reddit forum ...



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