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  • How has Budweiser's ad appealed to Americans?
  • How has Budweiser's ad appealed to Americans?
    Dyana Wing So (2020) ©

Budweiser: Reimagining the all-American brand

The pandemic has challenged American exceptionalism and starkly highlighted the country’s divides. Foreshadowing the need to rethink patriotic marketing, Budweiser’s January 2020 ‘Typical America’ ad offers an example of how to nail mass-market appeal among a polarised population.

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Once seen as the land of opportunity, the idea of America and its belief in exceptionalism has taken a beating in 2020. With Trumpism, a racial reckoning, and the country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic rating as the world’s worst, Americans are looking for a new patriotic narrative. [1][2] Back in January 2020, eerily foreshadowing the need for unity seen in the rest of the year, Budweiser’s Super Bowl ‘Typical American’ ad was a rallying cry for Americans to team up and challenge the negative labels often projected on to Americans by outsiders. [3]



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