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  • What does Chinese society value in 2020?
  • What does Chinese society value in 2020?
    Hanny Naibaho (2017) ©

A Cultural Snapshot of China 2020

Why are young people blending age-old herbal treatments with Western wellness? Who’s most likely to pay with digital yuan? And what challenges do ‘leftover women’ face? This Cultural Snapshot uses local stats and case studies to explore the behavioural norms shared by Chinese people in 2020.

Location China

Culture is notoriously difficult to define. You might know culture when you see it, but could you describe it? For us, culture means the behavioural norms shared by a group of people – the things that are learned socially, rather than inherited genetically. So, culture doesn’t drive the desire to eat, but it plays a big part in determining what food you choose.

It’s also constantly on the move. Some aspects of it move faster than others. Anthropologist Grant McCracken divides it into ‘fast’ and ‘slow’. Slow culture shifts over centuries, while fast culture can change in ...



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    Is social shopping the future of e-commerce in China?

    China may be returning to a state of ‘normality’ following COVID-19, but after spending months in lockdown, certain crisis-time consumer habits seem to be sticking around – one of the most visible being a mass shift to e-commerce. So, how do people want to browse and buy online post-pandemic?

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    Bilibili: a niche network for Gen Zers

    An online community for Gen Zers, Bilibili’s offering centres around anime, comics, and gaming – a low-cost membership grants early access to anime releases. With an interactive interface and the likes of karaoke live-streams, the network provides a niche platform for young people to connect.

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    How will COVID-19 change Chinese shopping habits?

    As the world copes with the impact of COVID-19, shifts in Chinese buying habits offer an idea of how global spend will be affected. From the short-term impact to longer, more structural changes in shopping preferences, how can brands best position themselves within this changing landscape?

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    What does ‘being a man’ mean in modern China?

    In China, the desire to be perceived as marriageable and successful has long driven men to adhere to a rigid (and largely unrealistic) model of masculinity – but societal shifts have sparked changes in attitudes. What does the ’modern man’ look like and what does he value in life?