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  • Does online activism cut it for socially-minded Americans?
  • Does online activism cut it for socially-minded Americans?
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What does allyship mean to Americans?

The death of George Floyd led to an outpouring of support for racial justice through IRL protests and social media posts – but what actions do people regard as genuinely helpful to the cause? Canvas8 polled 1,000 Americans and spoke to eight individuals to understand what it means to be an ally.

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Without a doubt, 2020 has been an eventful year. Amid a global pandemic and large-scale public lockdowns, the world saw a renewed civil rights movement triggered by the murder of George Floyd. Millions of Americans have engaged in protests fighting for justice on the behalf of Black people who’ve lost their lives to police brutality, sparking demonstrations against institutional racism around the world. And as media coverage has made this issue impossible to ignore, brands have been forced to heed calls for corporate reform and allyship.

The shifting social and political climate has raised expectations for businesses to ...



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    Is the American Dream still within reach?

    Amid economic and political turbulence, the idea that anyone can see success in the US is being increasingly questioned. Canvas8 polled 1,000 Americans and spoke to thirteen people to find out whether they think the American Dream still exists and whether it’s achievable.

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    Deep Dive: Understanding Allyship

    In the Understanding Allyship Deep Dive, we explore how brands reacted to the BLM protests in 2020, unpicking how people want them to show support and the consequences of offering only surface-level action. What role should individuals and businesses play in tackling social issues?

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    Is American exceptionalism dead?

    A lot of businesses traffic in American exceptionalism, tapping into national pride as part of their creative comms and brand identity. But while such aspirational messaging used to resonate with Americans – and many people around the world – will COVID-19 make this narrative less appealing?

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    Has 2020 made Americans open up about tough topics?

    Facing prolonged isolation, financial uncertainty, and difficult (but much-needed) discussions around racism, the average American is grappling with a lot more than normal in 2020. Canvas8 spoke to eight people about how challenging times are shaping their communications with friends and family.