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  • Do people in the US think the American Dream is alive and achievable?
  • Do people in the US think the American Dream is alive and achievable?
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Is the American Dream still within reach?

Amid economic and political turbulence, the idea that anyone can see success in the US is being increasingly questioned. Canvas8 polled 1,000 Americans and spoke to thirteen people to find out whether they think the American Dream still exists and whether it’s achievable.

Location United States

The US has had its fair share of turbulence throughout 2020. COVID-19, an economic downturn, widespread social unrest, and a tumultuous presidential election race have all been sources of stress. While the world watches the face-off between President Trump and Joe Biden, many are wondering whether the American Dream is still within reach for average citizens. There have been rumblings about the growing income gap, the rising cost of living, and unequal opportunities for some time. [1] On top of declining trust in institutions, Black Lives Matter and the death of George Floyd have raised profound questions ...



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    A lot of businesses traffic in American exceptionalism, tapping into national pride as part of their creative comms and brand identity. But while such aspirational messaging used to resonate with Americans – and many people around the world – will COVID-19 make this narrative less appealing?

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    The soccer mom cliché couldn’t feel more dated. These days, American moms are more likely to be breadwinners than pitchside cheerleaders. But a new era for moms doesn’t mean businesses have adapted, so they’re making new realities instead. How are moms taking control – and are brands keeping up?