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  • Are the days of the mega-influencer numbered?
  • Are the days of the mega-influencer numbered?
    Ketut Subiyanto (2020) ©

Why influence for good is the new #sponcon

Headlines about hashtag squatting and unchecked privilege have given many social media users a negative view of influencer culture. Yet while people may call out the perfect lifestyles presented online, these cultural figures remain as relevant as ever. So, how should they wield their power?

Location United Kingdom

In March 2020, as the UK went into lockdown to limit the spread of COVID-19, London-based influencer Kristabel Plummer‘s usual schedule of events and planned collaborations was suddenly put on hold. Having just moved home, she unpacked boxes in her pyjamas and shared on-the-fly content – like the pigeons roosting on her new balcony – with her 41,000 Instagram followers. “It was stuff I hadn’t really shown people before. Normally, I would at least do my hair before sharing an Instagram Story,” she says. “I think people liked it because it showed the reality of the situation.” ...



  • Article image How ‘finfluencers’ are disrupting debt shame

    Feelings of shame around debt and a lack of engagement from traditional institutions have long hindered financial discussions among women. Gen Y ‘finfluencers’ are changing this status quo, using their social media savvy and relatability to improve their followers’ relationships with money.

  • Article image Signal: pro-privacy encrypted messaging

    With trust in big tech dwindling, people are looking for services that protect them from external surveillance. And as governments crack down on protest, new forms of digital democracy are emerging. Fully encrypted messaging app Signal is winning trust by giving back power to users.

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    Whether to stay connected, informed, or distracted, social media plays multiple roles in people’s day-to-day lives – and it’s proving especially useful during the COVID-19 crisis. Canvas8 polled 1,000 Britons and spoke to eight people to find out what they want from these platforms and why.

  • Article image Snap Map: getting unbiased news via location tracking

    Dismissed as creepy at best and dangerous at worst, Snapchat’s Snap Map enables users to share their real-time locations. Although the feature was universally panned, it’s been instrumental in documenting social unrest and helping protesters organize without relying on mainstream media.