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  • How can people feel a sense of fulfilment amid uncertainty?
  • How can people feel a sense of fulfilment amid uncertainty?
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Dr. Katharina Husemann on spirituality in a crisis

The uncertainty and anxiety created by the events of 2020 have left many people seeking ways to ease their minds and find a sense of serenity. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Katharina Husemann, a senior lecturer in marketing at Royal Holloway, about consumer spirituality as a coping mechanism.

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Daily life in 2020 has been defined by uncertainty and anxiety, with the COVID-19 pandemic causing people to fear for their health, the resurgent BLM movement provoking conversations about systemic inequality, and polarised political discourse leaving many voters bereft of trust. This disruption has profoundly affected people’s wellbeing – 53% of Americans surveyed in July said their mental health had been negatively impacted due to the stress and worry surrounding the coronavirus – leading many to seek ways of coping with a precarious existence. [1]

“We can certainly observe a rise in meditation, yoga, astrology, and ...



  • VR Devotee app facilitates distanced Hindu worship

    VR Devotee app facilitates distanced Hindu worship

    A Hindu devotion app has seen a surge in users as a result of the pandemic. As consumers look for ways to continue practising their faith from home, brands that show a deep understanding of the intricacies of a specific religious practice will fare well in gaining trust and loyalty among devotees.

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    How is COVID-19 set to impact emotional wellbeing?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly reconfigured the world as we know it – and a mental health crisis could be waiting in its aftermath. Canvas8 spoke to Staci K. Haines, the author of The Politics of Trauma, to understand how the outbreak is set to challenge and change our emotional wellbeing.

  • VR helps people immerse themselves in faith rituals

    VR helps people immerse themselves in faith rituals

    Passover is normally one of the busiest times in Jerusalem, but COVID-19 has upheaved norms in 2020. As people of faith navigate a world without IRL interactions, VR services are letting them connect with one another and visit sacred landmarks from the comfort of their homes.

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    How are young Christians expressing their faith?

    Americans may be less inclined to attend religious services than in the past, but faith is still a core part of everyday life. How are churches adapting their spaces and outreach efforts to stay relevant to Gen Yers and Zers? And how are young worshipers combining their social and spiritual values?