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  • What do Americans want from snacks post-COVID-19?
  • What do Americans want from snacks post-COVID-19?
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How snacking is stacking up in the US

The pandemic has inflated opposite extremes of consumer attitudes towards snacking – in terms of health and excess – while exposing the need for a rethink towards product placement. What types of behaviors will dictate the new normal, and how should snack brands adapt?

Location United States

For better and for worse, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on the American diet, shaping what people consume, when they’re consuming it, and where. While structured meals – such as takeout dinners – have undergone substantial change, it’s perhaps the gaps in between mealtimes where the greater, and longer-lasting, shifts are taking place. During the early stages of the pandemic, cookie and cracker sales in the US increased by 30% – a figure virtually unheard of in the food and beverage industry prior to the outbreak. [1] Ambushed by a national crisis, and with new freedoms found ...



  • Article image How are Americans filling their pandemic pantries?

    Grocery stores have seen business boom as Americans have sought out shelf-stable foods to prepare for life under lockdown. What does this mass uptake of non-perishables reveal about the ways people are eating during the crisis? And will their taste for these products last post-COVID-19?

  • Article image How are Americans coping with COVID-19 at home?

    Bored, anxious, and unable to leave home, Americans living under COVID-19 lockdown orders are eager for ways to pass the time. But what are the underlying behavioral drivers behind their surging interest in baking and cleaning? And how can brands support people adapting to 24/7 domestic life?

  • Americans buy up comfort food to cope with COVID-19 Americans buy up comfort food to cope with COVID-19

    Healthy snacks and plant-based meats may have been on the up before the pandemic, but self-isolation is driving people to switch up their eating habits. Processed foods like Hamburger Helper and SpaghettiOs are increasingly popular thanks to their pantry longevity and nostalgic comfort.

  • Article image Magic Spoon: spoonfuls of healthy nostalgia

    Harkening back to the look and taste of childhood favorites, Magic Spoon’s cereals are striking a balance between Americans’ desire for good-for-you grub and healthy food that doesn’t taste like it is. As smart eating choices take center stage, Magic Spoon is moving to make breakfast cool again.