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  • Why are Gen Y women turning to Insta for money advice?
  • Why are Gen Y women turning to Insta for money advice?
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How ‘finfluencers’ are disrupting debt shame

Feelings of shame around debt and a lack of engagement from traditional institutions have long hindered financial discussions among women. Gen Y ‘finfluencers’ are changing this status quo, using their social media savvy and relatability to improve their followers’ relationships with money.

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In March 2019, Clare Seal set up her ‘finsta’. At the start, it was because she wanted a space where her identity was a secret. But she was also leaning heavily on the ‘fin’ part of the ‘fake Instagram’ portmanteau – and in her first post, she revealed the gory details of her personal finances. The image showed a spreadsheet of her credit card debt, which came in at a total of £25,438.11, costing £950 per month to pay off. [1] Fast-forward just over a year and Seal had revealed her identity, signed a book deal, and had ...



  • Article image What stops women from saving for retirement?

    The financial inequalities faced by women in America aren’t limited to a pay gap. Traditional gender expectations and a lack of tailored services mean that they’re also less prepared for retirement than men. So, how can women be encouraged to build a nest egg as they move through life?

  • Article image SmartPurse: empowering busy women to be cash-smart

    Women are often let down by the finance industry, from patronising campaigns to intimidating institutions. Online toolkit SmartPurse provides jargon-free financial information, a chance to network with other women on and offline, and a database for finding a financial adviser or coach. 

  • NatWest pledges to do better for women and their money NatWest pledges to do better for women and their money

    NatWest has promised to change the way it speaks to women, to undo the confidence gap that keeps women from managing their personal finances. By acknowledging banking’s historical prejudices, NatWest is using an industry-wide failing to define their personal brand mission.

  • Article image Money Diaries: exposing the ways that Gen Y women spend

    The Money Diaries column on Refinery29 has drawn a cult-like following, putting young women’s finances under the microscope, letting readers peer beyond the constructed personas often presented online. What does the series reveal about Americans’ attitudes toward money and spending?