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  • Can Archie Rose tap into a beer-loving nation?
  • Can Archie Rose tap into a beer-loving nation?
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Archie Rose: stirring the artisanal liquor craze

With an approach that enables customers to get creative, collaborative, and inventive, and narrative-driven products that evoke uniquely Australian stories, Archie Rose – Australia’s most awarded distillery – is capturing the tastebuds of the country’s notoriously beer-loyal populace.

Location Australia

Sydney-born Will Edwards has harboured a curiosity for spirits and distilling techniques since his teenage years, often experimenting with spirit-based infusions and oak maturation in his backyard. But it remained a hobby as he pursued a relatively conventional path: working as a business consultant at Deloitte. It wasn’t until a sabbatical in New York in 2013 that the seeds of what is now Archie Rose began to germinate. Upon visiting the Big Apple’s many craft distilleries, Edwards realised nothing of the sort existed in Sydney, and so he set out to create the city’s first independent craft distillery ...



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