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  • How is Tony Chocolonely making sweets more ethical?
  • How is Tony Chocolonely making sweets more ethical?
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Tony’s Chocolonely: ethical treats for comfort-eaters

We all love chocolate – but at what cost? As people take a greater interest in the ethics of the food they eat, Tony’s Chocolonely is working to make the chocolate industry 100% slave-free. It’s combining sweet indulgence with social impact to hook people onto its cause – and its chocolate.

Location United Kingdom

Britain’s favourite sweet is having an identity crisis. We’re obsessed with chocolate but the reality is that the industry is steeped in an unappetising cycle of illegal child labour and impoverished farmers, taking away from producers and labourers and perpetuating illegal practices. In a cruel dichotomy, sales of luxury chocolate have surged in the pandemic thanks to the ‘lipstick effect’. [1]





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