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  • How have the events of 2020 reshaped entertainment habits?
  • How have the events of 2020 reshaped entertainment habits?
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Deep Dive: Pressing Play

In the Pressing Play Deep Dive, we explore the shifting entertainment habits and expectations as a result of COVID-19, and examine how technology has become central to keeping people connected to what they love. What does this mean for the evolution of sports and entertainment?

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As the pandemic drove people into lockdown, it drastically impacted what entertainment could be accessed and where. Live sports and entertainment were cancelled, denying people not only significant cultural moments like the Olympics and Coachella but a connection to their passions, whether that’s through weekly sports leagues, cinema visits, or trips to the theatre. In turn, the live entertainment industry was left reeling and at risk. Film, TV, and advertising productions have also had to close down, which will significantly impact the future delivery schedule.

What people were (and still are) left with is entertainment that’s accessible ...



  • Article image Is digital-first fandom the new state of play?

    With most live games cancelled and major international tournaments postponed, many sports fans sought out digital alternatives while COVID-19 kept them in their homes. As lockdown measures end and play resumes, which elements of virtual fandom are likely to stick around post-pandemic?

  • Article image How has COVID-19 impacted Aussie gaming habits?

    Given that the best thing people can do to flatten the COVID-19 curve is stay inside, interest in video gaming has understandably surged, becoming an essential activity to avoid boredom and maintain mental health. How has the pandemic changed the way Aussies view this escapist hobby?

  • Article image What do drivers want from in-car entertainment?

    The concept of car ownership may be losing its luster for some people, but advances in technology are making it more appealing to others. How are brand innovations helping to turn functional vehicles into a ‘third living space’? And how will drivers and passengers be entertained in the future?

  • Article image How will COVID-19 change the cult of celebrity?

    From poetry readings to live music tutorials, COVID-19 is transforming the ways celebrities interact with fans. But how are influencers and celebs using or misusing their platforms to broadcast how relatable and accessible they are? And how will the cult of celebrity evolve post-pandemic?