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  • Will second-hand clothes stay in style post-COVID-19?
  • Will second-hand clothes stay in style post-COVID-19?
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Will second-hand clothes stay in vogue post-COVID-19?

Price is often highlighted as the main driver behind fashion choices. In spite of people’s desire to shop eco-friendly, there’s a high barrier to entry for most ethical brands. Is fashion resale a way to ensure greater eco access, or is the second-hand market causing more problems than it solves? 

Location United Kingdom

In February 2020, emerging fashion designer Patrick McDowell did not show a collection at London Fashion Week. Instead, he curated a ‘swap shop’ of preloved items donated by members of the British Fashion Council and the London Fashion Week community. [1] As part of a range of sustainability initiatives at Fashion Week, the event perhaps signalled that, within the industry, 2020 was going to be different. And different it certainly was.

Within a month, the fashion industry, along with countless other sectors of the global economy, would be brought to its knees as COVID-19 ripped through ...



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