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  • How is Skinny Booze tapping mindful drinkers?
  • How is Skinny Booze tapping mindful drinkers?
    Skinny Booze (2018) ©

SkinnyBooze: indulgence for low-cal lovers

Health concerns have been exacerbated in the pandemic, and people are looking for ways to balance smart food and drink choices with a desire for comfort and indulgence. SkinnyBooze meets their needs with an online shop of low-cal and low-alcohol brands, shipped straight to buyers’ homes.

Location United Kingdom

For decades, calories have made for great headlines and consequent marketing strategies – whether it’s the newest way we should be calculating them, how to avoid them, or the best way to burn them off. Back in 2012, nearly a decade ago, the focus was on how drinks producers were going to eliminate them as part of the government’s anti-obesity strategy.





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