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  • What causes people to lie about money matters to their partners?
  • What causes people to lie about money matters to their partners?
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In the red? The science of financial infidelity

Honesty is important in any relationship, yet many people hide financial decisions from their partners. Canvas8 spoke to Hristina Nikolova, the Coughlin Sesquicentennial Assistant Professor of Marketing at Boston College, to understand how financial infidelity impacts relationships and brands.

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“Debt can be a huge weight on any couple’s budget,” said Elle Martinez, the creator of finance-focused podcast Couple Money, in an episode titled ‘How to Reset and Knock Out Debt Together Before The Year Wraps Up’. “Today, we’re going to cover some ways you can start paying it off faster, and we’ll get into how to open up if you’re carrying debt and haven’t told the whole story to your spouse.” The episode is just one in over 100 from Martinez that aim to get couples discussing money in healthier ways – covering everything from ...



  • Young Britons are saving together without banks Young Britons are saving together without banks

    Faced with a looming recession, some young Britons are experimenting with Caribbean-style pardner schemes – saving money with friends, rather than through traditional financial institutions. The collective saving schemes help participants hold each other to their savings goals.

  • Article image How are Gen Yers planning for the future?

    When pay day rolls around, Gen Yers save a little – but spend a lot. Impulsive spending is a key (and at times problematic) element of their identity. But as this generation begins to look towards their future roles as homeowners, parents, and pensioners, how will their spending habits adapt?

  • Fewer women open shared account with their partners Fewer women open shared account with their partners

    Shared bank accounts were once a marker of a solid relationship, but almost one-third of British women have opted against sharing financial assets with their partners. As gender dynamics continue to evolve, women are increasingly taking their finances into their own hands.

  • Article image Money Diaries: exposing the ways that Gen Y women spend

    The Money Diaries column on Refinery29 has drawn a cult-like following, putting young women’s finances under the microscope, letting readers peer beyond the constructed personas often presented online. What does the series reveal about Americans’ attitudes toward money and spending?