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  • Do people crave connection or distraction on social channels?
  • Do people crave connection or distraction on social channels?
    Levi Elizaga (2020) ©

What value do Britons find in social media?

Whether to stay connected, informed, or distracted, social media plays multiple roles in people’s day-to-day lives – and it’s proving especially useful during the COVID-19 crisis. Canvas8 polled 1,000 Britons and spoke to eight people to find out what they want from these platforms and why.

Location United Kingdom

From facilitating TikTok proms and live-streamed gigs to hosting mutual aid groups and employee protests, social media has become even more crucial to people’s lives in 2020. With a ceaseless news cycle to keep up with, friends and family far away, and an excess of time on many people’s hands, usage of these platforms surged under lockdown. For the first time globally, it’s estimated that there are now more social media users than non-users, and in the UK, 61% of adults surveyed at the end of March said they were ...



  • Article image Why do our digital worlds give us mixed feelings?

    Social media has the ability to send its users into a spiral of self-pity one day and transform their lives through the power of community the next. Canvas8 spoke to Sarah Raphael, co-author of Mixed Feelings, about our love-hate relationship with social media and what this means for brands.

  • Article image Nextdoor: a community for disconnected neighbours

    A combination of growing cities and transient populations has led to residents feeling alienated from each other. The Nextdoor app aims to rectify this by bringing neighbours together on its social platform, fostering a genuine sense of community and positive social exchanges.

  • Article image How are young Britons reading the news?

    Young people are consuming the news in vastly different ways to generations before them, but news brands still don’t know how to speak to them. How can young people get the information they need to be informed citizens and is it time to rethink what news means for the next generation?

  • Article image 2020 Expert Outlook on Communications

    Is Facebook ‘over’? How can brands avoid accusations of woke-washing? What does the future of podcasts look like? And how are we becoming more mindful of our social media usage? In this part of the 2020 Expert Outlook, we speak to four experts about how people are interacting globally.