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  • How can brands tap into Gen Yers mindful drinking?
  • How can brands tap into Gen Yers mindful drinking?
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Why drinking clean is the new abstinence

Motivated by health and wellness, and turned off by an old-fashioned binge drinking culture, Gen Yers are drinking less and on the lookout for drinks that provide a buzz, but don’t leave any regrets the next day.

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According to Jen Batchelor, the Gen Yer founder of alcohol-free drinks brand Kin Euphorics, hangovers are hardly the worst consequence of drinking. “There’s this idea that only the liver suffers and that hangovers are the worst part,” she says. “But [by the time] you get a hangover, you’re pretty far gone.” [1] Indeed, drinking too much on a single occasion can increase blood pressure, putting strain on the heart, lower the immune system and impact your digestive system. [2] The detrimental effects of alcohol have been known for a long time – but now, it appears, Gen ...



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    Haus: D2C aperitifs for mindful drinkers

    With its all-natural flavorings, subscription model, and Instagram-friendly unboxing experience, Haus taps health-focused Gen Yers who want low-sugar, lower-alcohol options. And the brand’s collaboration with COVID-19-shuttered restos appeals to those looking to support the industry.

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    How do people engage with booze brands on social?

    COVID-19 has accelerated a shift in boozing habits, with the closure of restaurants and pubs making at-home alcohol consumption the norm. But how are people replicating social drinking moments online, and how can alcohol brands participate in these occasions to earn long-term loyalty?

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    Why are hard seltzers the new bro drink?

    Sales of “spiked” or “hard” seltzers are on the up across the States, spawning memes and sayings that have become synonymous with stereotypical bro culture. Why have these canned fruity beverages captured the enthusiasm – and loyalty – of Gen Y men? And are they here to stay?

  • Sufferfest beer sates thirst for functional drinks

    Sufferfest beer sates thirst for functional drinks

    Beer isn’t traditionally thought of as healthy, but Sufferfest was made to be consumed after a grueling workout. It taps into the demand for functional food and drink, transforming a traditionally indulgent product into one the straddles both the leisure and wellness worlds.