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  • How will the events of 2020 affect Gen Alpha’s long-term behaviours?
  • How will the events of 2020 affect Gen Alpha’s long-term behaviours?
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Deep Dive: Who are Gen Alphas?

In the Gen Alpha Deep Dive, we delve into the roots of this cohort’s activist streak, explore what it’s like to be born into a digital world, consider the ways that playtime is evolving to be more productive, and examine how growing up in a pandemic will shape attitudes to health and money.

Location Northern Europe / North America

While the world waits for a new normal, Generation Alpha is growing up not knowing any different. The first members of this cohort were born in 2010 – when Apple launched the iPad, swine flu spread around the world, and WikiLeaks became a household name – while the newest members have arrived during the highly disruptive COVID-19 pandemic.

This decade has seen vast digital expansion, an increase in health consciousness, widespread political anxiety, and the rise of call-out culture. So, what has it been like growing up during these changes, and what effect will these events have ...



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    SPACETALK: safe smartwatches for kids

    Smartphone ownership among children in Australia is on the up. For parents who might not want to give their kids access to the internet via a phone, they’re turning to SPACETALK – a semi-smartwatch that keeps families connected, without social media, the internet, or unauthorised calls.

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    Roblox: unstructured play to connect with the world

    Social gaming platform Roblox, which was built by players for players, has boomed during the pandemic. Designed to connect children to their friends through fun, interactive and collaborative video games, it has become one of lockdown’s biggest success stories.

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    2020 Generational Snapshot of Gen Alpha

    How is having a digital profile from birth impacting Gen Alpha’s relationship with tech? Why are their expectations for inclusivity so high? What’s driving them to acquire STEM skills before they’re out of nappies? And how will their financial future be shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic?

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    How is growing up solo shaping Generation Alpha?

    Single-child families are on the rise in the US as a lack of savings and lofty career goals have led Gen Yers to delay parenthood. But how are smaller households impacting the values, goals, and social lives of the next generation? And how might Gen Alphas start to shape the world around them?