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  • How do braggarts influence buying decisions?
  • How do braggarts influence buying decisions?
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Check this out! The science of consumer arrogance

Arrogance is often seen as a ‘negative’ behaviour – a sign that a person is self-centred and lacking empathy. But could boastfulness be a good thing in some situations? Dr. Ayalla Ruvio, an associate professor at Michigan State University, explains the value of bragging in a consumer context.

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Bragging is part of human nature – an expression of pride about a slice of success or good fortune. Yet while some boasts are permissible based on the scale of achievement or type of audience, others can come off as petty or lacking decorum. Just take President Donald Trump’s bluster about ‘acing’ a cognitive test that’s used to check for signs of dementia, or the not-so-humble social media posts shared by celebrities and influencers during COVID-19 lockdown. This kind of out-of-touch boasting is a magnet for both satire and savage criticism. It brings people together ...



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    I’m sooo good! The science of virtue-signalling

    With people demanding their voices be heard more than ever before, taking a moral stance on all sorts of things is the new normal. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Jillian Jordan, postdoctoral fellow at the Kellogg School of Management, to find out how brands can appeal to our desire to be morally good.

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    Who are the Depop influencers?

    Raised on a digital diet, second-hand-savvy Gen Zers have changed the shopping landscape, and Depop influencers are at the heart of this shopping revolution: they’re bringing the currency of clout and cashing in by serving sustainable looks. How can brands get in on the action, too?

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    #ad! The science of online influencers

    Celeb endorsements have lost some of their power in the social media era, but what makes bloggers, vloggers, and self-styled fashionistas so effective as spokespeople? Canvas8 talked to Alexander Schouten, assistant professor at Tilburg University, about how influencers convince people to buy.

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    #SephoraSquad: turning fans into micro-influencers

    Beauty is in the throes of revolution. As people move away from the idealised to a celebration of real people, brands have an exciting opportunity to tap into the new beauty wave. With its #SephoraSquad, Sephora is going further, inviting everyday people to become influencers for the brand.