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  • Has the pandemic made data harvesting more acceptable?
  • Has the pandemic made data harvesting more acceptable?
    Retha Ferguson (2020) ©

How has COVID-19 changed Americans' views on privacy?

The tech world may play a major role in tackling the COVID-19 crisis, with tracing apps potentially limiting the spread of the virus within communities. But will privacy fears hinder these efforts? Canvas8 spoke to eight Americans about sharing health and location data during the pandemic.

Location United States

The 2010s saw incredible breakthroughs in consumer health tech, transforming the way people access treatments, information, and consultations. Robotic assistant ElliQ uses real-time sensory data to understand situational contexts and help older people monitor medication, while VR game Reducept offers relief to chronic pain patients, with both exemplifying how digital tools have opened new pathways to healing. However, the proliferation of such services has come at a price, with users often having to share personal data to receive the full health benefits. While 41% of Americans surveyed in June 2019 felt it was acceptable ...



  • Article image It’s safe with us! The science of consumer privacy

    With data-sharing enabling everything from smarter cities to more sinister surveillance, the public debate around privacy is becoming increasingly complex. Canvas8 spoke to Alisa Frik, a researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, to understand how people are weighing up the pay-offs.

  • Americans willing to share data to help stop COVID-19 Americans willing to share data to help stop COVID-19

    An app for self-reporting COVID-19 symptoms has found a receptive audience in the US after gaining popularity in Britain. While Americans are often protective of their privacy, when the goal of collecting data is for the common good rather than a brand's profits, they're more open to sharing.

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    How will robotic companions provide physical and emotional support? Could hands-free devices replace smartphones? And what are people doing to manage digital overload? In this part of the 2020 Expert Outlook, we speak to three experts about how innovation and distrust are shaping tech usage.

  • Article image Who are Americans willing to share their data with?

    Whether it’s hacks or leaks, data privacy is the issue of the day. Many say they are concerned about their information online, but what will they share and what do they expect in return? Canvas8 spoke to seven Americans to find out what they’re willing to share about themselves and with whom.