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  • What impact is the coronavirus having on Aussie drinking?
  • What impact is the coronavirus having on Aussie drinking?
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How COVID-19 is switching up Aussie drinking habits

From the way they buy their alcohol to the quantities in which they consume it, Australians’ drinking preferences are evolving. As COVID-19 re-shapes the behavioural landscape both temporarily and in the longer term, how can Aussies’ desires be better fulfilled in the moment and beyond?

Location Australia

Images of Aussies reclining in deckchairs while polishing off vast quantities of tinnies is, albeit gradually, fading. Drinking remains an important part of Australian social culture, but sobriety and moderation are becoming more popular. DrinkWise puts it more succinctly in its decade-long analysis of Australia’s evolving drinking habits: “We are now in a society more defined by moderation than excess.” [1] DrinkWise, among a number of alcohol-awareness bodies, has been working to educate the Australian public away from excessive consumption, helped by stricter laws and penalties on drink driving. [2] General attitudes towards alcohol ...



  • Article image What’s next for the big (digital) night out?

    With nightlife venues across the world shuttered due to COVID-19, partygoers embraced digital hedonism by skipping queues for virtual club nights and attending marathon DJ sets. How have online raves helped reimagine out-of-home experiences? And how can brands keep the party going?

  • Rise in drinking fuels health concerns in Australia Rise in drinking fuels health concerns in Australia

    Research has revealed that Australians are drinking more alcohol during lockdown. While this may be good news for drinks brands, it also raises health concerns, creating an opportunity for brands to foster safer drinking habits and improve Aussies’ understanding of drinking’s health risks.

  • Article image a2: premium cow’s milk for health-conscious Aussies

    Dollar cow’s milk has long been the obvious choice for Aussie dairy consumers. However, disruptors – such as The a2 Milk Company – have gained a stable foothold in the market. Charging four times the price of regular milk, a2 has become a ‘healthy’ product consumers are happy to splash out on.

  • Article image Are Aussies ready to lap up low- and no-alcohol beer?

    Alcohol consumption may be declining Down Under, but more than two-thirds of Aussies still consider a drink with mates to be a great national tradition. Can low- and no-alcohol beers provide an adequate substitute for booze? And what constitutes a beer-drinking experience without the beer?