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  • What’s the appeal of old-fashioned beauty rituals?
  • What’s the appeal of old-fashioned beauty rituals?
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Why is nostalgia the future for beauty products?

As anxieties around COVID-19 have segued into a deeper and more consistent malaise, a longing for simpler times has caused some people to reshape everyday behaviours around comforting goods and long-established rituals. How is this sense of nostalgia impacting beauty and wellness habits?

Location United Kingdom

The outbreak of COVID-19 in the UK effectively halted normal life, limiting people’s activities and entertainment options as large parts of the outside world shut down. In turn, some have sought a sense of comfort in the past, whether that’s by listening to classic rock, discovering sports broadcasts from the black and white era, or taking a stab at recipes handed down by grandparents. [1][2] This sense of nostalgia has had a considerable impact on consumption habits, with sales of board games and jigsaw puzzles leaping by 240% during the first week of lockdown. [



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    Are Gen Zers done with make-up?

    Compared to past generations of teens, Gen Z’s aesthetic ideals are distinctly low-key, with the pursuit of an inside-out glow meaning that cosmetics purchases tend to revolve around intelligent skincare routines. So, how does make-up fit into this minimalist approach to beauty?

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    Crown Affair: modern hair rituals

    As people turn to their beauty routines in an attempt to reduce anxiety and enjoy moments of calm, the ‘slow’ grooming of Crown Affair is winning fans. A holistic approach that’s refreshingly simple and rooted in ritual, Crown Affair’s retro style is modernizing hair care.

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    Are Britons falling back in love with solid soap?

    As Britons increasingly look to limit their consumption of single-use plastic, they’re turning to plastic-free ways to stock their bathroom shelves, which means the once-maligned bar soap is making an unlikely comeback. With eco values on the brain, what does today’s solid soap shopper want?

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    Spacemasks: easing people into beauty sleep

    As the worlds of beauty and wellness become increasingly intertwined, brands that bridge the two are finding fans fast. Spacemasks is offering a simple solution to a persistent problem for many Britons, helping wearers relax their minds and get some sorely needed beauty sleep.