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  • How is Snap Map helping to document global events?
  • How is Snap Map helping to document global events?
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Snap Map: getting unbiased news via location tracking

Dismissed as creepy at best and dangerous at worst, Snapchat’s Snap Map enables users to share their real-time locations. Although the feature was universally panned, it’s been instrumental in documenting social unrest and helping protesters organize without relying on mainstream media.

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In 2017, Snapchat unveiled a new feature – Snap Map, a location feature enabling users to share their Snaps with others. [1] The feature was almost universally panned, with schools highlighting it as a potential security threat and some outlets suggesting it could easily be used for stalking. [2][3] Many believed Snapchat was putting its users in danger by allowing anyone to view the location of users using the feature, which could put children, in particular, at risk. [4] Not only does it enable the sharing of a user’s current location, ...



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    Once an app to help people find their lost iPhone, Apple’s Find My has developed into a way for people to communicate by sharing their geo-locations with friends and family. To be convinced to give up their privacy, people are expecting brands to offer a greater sense of connectivity and safety.

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