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  • How do teens in 2020 define beauty?
  • How do teens in 2020 define beauty?
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Are Gen Zers done with make-up?

Compared to past generations of teens, Gen Z’s aesthetic ideals are distinctly low-key, with the pursuit of an inside-out glow meaning that cosmetics purchases tend to revolve around intelligent skincare routines. So, how does make-up fit into this minimalist approach to beauty?

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The titans of the beauty industry are struggling in the competitive contemporary landscape, with the likes of Revlon, Nars, and L’Oréal’s Urban Decay among several labels to have seen sales decline in 2019. [1][2] The COVID-19 crisis has dealt a further blow to the sector – according to retail analytics platform Skypad, cosmetics sales across the US were set to be 30% lower in April 2020 than in April 2019 – while the Pull Up or Shut Up campaign has seen many brands called out for their lack of diversity and inconsistent anti-racism. 



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    Beauty products are full of cryptic labels – paraben-free, non-comedogenic – and conflicting information. How do people know what’s right for them and where do they look for guidance? Canvas8 polled 2,100 Americans and spoke to eight people to identify what shapes their path to purchase.

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