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  • How are K-pop stans using online community to banish racist content?
  • How are K-pop stans using online community to banish racist content?
    Timothy Eberly (2017) ©

K-pop stans: mobilizing to right global wrongs

Stans are passionate, and while they generally post about the object of their obsession, strong social media presence and large numbers mean they can mobilize to dominate social feeds. Showing the power of online community, they’re promoting BLM and quashing racism.

Location United States

As Black Lives Matter protests are taking place across the world, so too are clashes between police and protesters. This increased social awareness has implicated nearly every industry in the injustice of structural racism. [1] The clashes have become household conversations, with countless individuals, brands, and online communities taking a stance, from Drake to Nike and Adidas. But unlikely champions of both BLM and the right to protest have been the K-pop community.





  • K-pop fans use social savvy to back #BlackLivesMatter K-pop fans use social savvy to back #BlackLivesMatter

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