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  • What do virtual leaders need to offer their teams?
  • What do virtual leaders need to offer their teams?
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Another Zoom?! The science of virtual leadership

Leading a team can be difficult at the best of times, and amid a mass uptake of remote working due to COVID-19, fresh challenges have emerged. Canvas8 spoke to Ina Purvanova, professor of leadership and management at Drake University, to learn the traits of a great virtual leader.

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The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a global experiment in working from home. While this shift has brought about various logistical challenges for many employees, it’s also made leaders question how they can best manage their teams when face-to-face communication is replaced by online tools. As suggested by the steadily rising number of Google searches for ‘virtual leadership’ since lockdown measures were implemented in the first quarter of 2020, there’s seemingly a lack of clarity over what makes a good remote boss. London-based talent consultancy Ascend has sought to address this problem by introducing a



  • WFH flexibility makes locked-down workers happier

    WFH flexibility makes locked-down workers happier

    Despite reports that stress and anxiety are on the rise, research shows that workers are feeling happier and more relaxed than they were before stay-at-home orders were issued. As some companies return to the office, employers would do well to involve their staff in policy updates.

  • Anxious Britons happy to wait for return to the office

    Anxious Britons happy to wait for return to the office

    Fearing for their safety and having adjusted to WFH life, the majority of Britons are happy to wait to go back to the office, a UK study has shown. Employers would do well to be cautious about bringing their workers back and carefully consider more flexible working options when they do so.

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    What's the future of remote work in America?

    With people around the world being urged to socially distance themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working has fast become a new normal. How can employers bring their staff together (virtually) during this turbulent time, and what are the key challenges remote workers face?

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    Why don’t women self-promote in the workplace?

    Women often shy away from highlighting their achievements and value at work. But considering they’re positively impacted by another woman’s success, how can brands, platforms, and an inclusive approach help women get comfortable sharing their success and inspire them to claim their worth?