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  • Will brands rise to the challenge of increased representation?
  • Will brands rise to the challenge of increased representation?
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Pull up or shut up: calling out industry racism

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement being reignited by the death of George Floyd, brands are taking to social media to express solidarity and support. But as people expect increased transparency and accountability from companies, they are being asked to ‘pull up or shut up’.

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What do you say to brands after they have posted their solidarity statements and black squares on Instagram? Or to companies whose performative activism isn't reflected in their public practices? If you’re Sharon Chuter, the founder and CEO of UOMA beauty, a brand that places diversity and inclusivity at its core, you tell them to ‘Pull up or shut up’. The ‘Pull up or shut up’ campaign is at the forefront of a movement instilling a culture of internal transparency and accountability into the corporate world. It was launched in early June 2020 when Chuter ...



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    Naza Beauty: a hair salon with a tech twist

    With many African American women unsatisfied with their trip to the hair salon, Natanya Montgomery has launched Naza Beauty, a salon and community that’s focused on nailing the experience for women with afro-textured hair and building the perfect personalized service in the process.

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    Can body neutrality boost people’s self-perception?

    Body positivity began as an inclusive movement, but is now dominated by curvy, white women who fit traditional beauty structures. In what ways does the concept of ‘body neutrality’ differ to promote positive self-perceptions? And how can brands help break the cycle of self-hatred?

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    What do Americans want from a ‘beauty basic’?

    People rarely give a second thought to the items used in everyday beauty routines, but a wave of challenger brands is shaking things up by offering luxurious and chic versions of everything from moisturizer to toilet paper. Why do these upgraded essentials appeal to Americans?

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    Have inclusive body shapes gone mainstream in fashion?

    Inclusivity has become a buzzword in the fashion industry. But has inclusive sizing really gone mainstream, or is it still a niche undertaking offered only by a small number of forward-thinking designers? What moves are brands making to capitalise on shoppers’ desire for inclusivity?