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  • Can Make Motherhood Diverse change how we view mums?
  • Can Make Motherhood Diverse change how we view mums?
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Make Motherhood Diverse: real mums’ stories

As people demand more varied representation, they’re looking for realistic depictions of their lives. Make Motherhood Diverse counters the lack of diversity in mainstream portrayals of motherhood by sharing the stories and experiences of real mums from all walks of life.

Location United Kingdom

In the UK, 731,213 babies were born in 2018. [1] They were born to women of different ages, abilities, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and socio-economic status. But as vast and varied as British mothers are, “the overall narrative around motherhood still centres around slim, white, middle-class mums,” says Roshni Goyate, co-founder of The Other Box. And it’s this stereotypical mum that is most likely to be smiling out at consumers from magazines, billboards, TV screens, and social media feeds. “Stereotypes are true,” says Goyate, “it’s just that they aren’t the only truth.” [2] And with so ...



  • Article image How are women normalising post-birth bodies?

    Across social media platforms, French women are using the hashtag #monpostpartum to share stories about childbirth and their recovering bodies. As the body positivity movement gains traction in France, how can brands step in to support women and to normalise the physical changes a baby brings?

  • Article image What do Gen Zer moms want from brands?

    As Gen Zers enter motherhood, their needs differ from the generations that came before them. From their approach to shopping and cooking to their views on health and wellness – how do female Gen Zers do parenthood, and what do they expect from the brands they’re buying for their families?

  • Article image How are working moms shaking up the system?

    The soccer mom cliché couldn’t feel more dated. These days, American moms are more likely to be breadwinners than pitchside cheerleaders. But a new era for moms doesn’t mean businesses have adapted, so they’re making new realities instead. How are moms taking control – and are brands keeping up?

  • Article image Frida Mom: playful products for postpartum recovery

    Frida Mom caters to the millions of women in the United States who become new mothers every year. Helping them to navigate the physical discomfort of the fourth trimester, the brand offers a collection of female-focused products that playfully address the needs of postpartum bodies.