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  • Will digital raves be part of the nightlife scene post-pandemic?
  • Will digital raves be part of the nightlife scene post-pandemic?
    Alexey Turenkov (2020) ©

What’s next for the big (digital) night out?

With nightlife venues across the world shuttered due to COVID-19, partygoers embraced digital hedonism by skipping queues for virtual club nights and attending marathon DJ sets. How have online raves helped reimagine out-of-home experiences? And how can brands keep the party going?

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Hundreds of young people are anxiously waiting for the night to begin. They’ve got drinks in hand and their faces are covered in glitter as the bangers start playing. It could be any normal night out, except the club they’re attending is virtual, the music is emitting from their tinny laptop speakers, and they made the drinks in their living room. Welcome to Club Quarantine. [1]

With social venues shuttered and social distancing measures in effect across many parts of the world, businesses in the nightlife industry have been forced to get creative to reach their ...



  • Article image What's next for spirits fans post-Quarantini?

    COVID-19 has fostered an environment that has not only raised the desire to drink, but the desire to do so creatively. As lockdown measures cause Britons’ booze behaviours to shift, how can spirits brands reach them at home? And how can bars adapt to changed expectations in the ‘new normal’?

  • Americans shell out for exclusive Zoom club nights Americans shell out for exclusive Zoom club nights

    Clubs across the US are live streaming events via Zoom and charging an entry fee, and people are buying in. With lockdown making people long for social interaction and a chance to let loose, they’re willing to pay for an exclusive experience, even if it’s not an in-person one.

  • Article image How are live music fans getting their gig fix at home?

    With the COVID-19 pandemic causing people to stay at home out of a sense of public responsibility, artists are having to cancel shows worldwide. How are live-streaming platforms filling the void, and could digital behaviours during the crisis create long-term changes in how people consume music?

  • Article image What does it mean to be a fan in the digital era?

    With digital channels offering them increased access to their heroes, casual supporters and ‘stans’ alike are embracing novel ways of showing their devotion to celebs and sports teams. How are these passionate individuals forging new cultural tribes and changing expectations of fan interactions?