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  • Is mixing AI and beauty the future of cosmetics?
  • Is mixing AI and beauty the future of cosmetics?
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Il Makiage: maximalist make-up with an AI twist

While the pandemic has pushed many brands to get more comfortable with digital, Il Makiage has been ahead of the curve with its AI-driven, true-to-tone make-up options. As shopping behaviors go online, its community of micro-influencers boost the brand’s clout and buyers’ confidence.

Location United States

Finding a foundation to match your skin tone has never been easy. A limited selection, poor shop lighting, and testing swatches mean shoppers often leave empty-handed, with palms smeared in multiple shades. But what if you could find the perfect match without testing it physically – or even stepping foot outside? The almost-50-year-old beauty giant Il Makiage is fast gaining cult status doing exactly that. Its PowerMatch algorithm employs machine learning and data from over 700 skin tone combinations to find complexion products with a 94% match accuracy. [1][2] Sounds too good to be true? The ...



  • MAC champions virtual self-expression with 'Sims' range MAC champions virtual self-expression with 'Sims' range

    MAC has curated a range of 12 iconic make-up looks – not for the pages of a magazine, but for the gaming community of The Sims 4. Reflecting the inclusive attitudes of both brands, the collaboration allows gamers to express their individuality and virtually experiment with their style.

  • Article image What influences Britons’ beauty purchases?

    Beauty and identity are intrinsically linked, meaning that people make numerous considerations to ensure the grooming and cosmetics goods they buy are right for them. Canvas8 polled 2,500 Britons and spoke to eight people to identify the factors that determine their path to purchase.

  • Article image WOW Colour: beauty emporium for Chinese Gen Z

    With beauty fans adding more colour to their make-up routines, the shopping experience is paramount and this is evident among Chinese Gen Zers. IRL retail brand WOW Colour is tapping their dedication to domestically-made brands and willingness to make beauty shopping shareable.

  • Article image Depixym: cosmetics for creative face-painters

    While many brands still position themselves to dictate of-the-moment make-up looks, Depixym’s Cosmetic Emulsions are championing individuality and self-expression by rethinking the multi-use product, encouraging beauty junkies to think outside the box and paint their faces however they wish.