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  • What do modern Britons want from luxury brands?
  • What do modern Britons want from luxury brands?
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How are British attitudes to luxury changing?

As luxury brands become increasingly accessible to the everyday consumer, they are seen less as a symbol of class for Britons. Moving beyond branded luxury, status markers are shifting to be defined by the exclusivity and quality that luxury offerings can provide rather than the price tag.

Location United Kingdom

While luxury brands once stood apart from the everyday consumer, a proliferation of more accessible luxury items is enabling a more diverse range of shoppers to indulge in high-end products and services. Premium KitKats and Diptyque’s scented tattoos are among a wave of affordable luxe touches to hit the market. The rise in streetwear luxury collabs – Praddidas, for example – and affordable mid-range luxury cult favourites like Ganni and Rixo illustrate how both heritage brands and newcomers are mixing high and accessible fashion to create a ...



  • Article image Luxury Soho: a gateway to luxury for Gen Zers

    With store closures, reduced custom, and an abundance of excess stock, the luxury industry is feeling the impact of the pandemic. Alibaba hopes that Luxury Soho, a platform to sell excess stock at discounted prices, will lure Chinese Gen Zers into post-COVID-19 spending.

  • Pandora swaps new metals for recycled in eco push Pandora swaps new metals for recycled in eco push

    Although sustainability values may have been put on hold due to the pandemic, people have not turned a blind eye to brands’ long-term decisions towards net positive action. Recognising this, Pandora has announced plans to make its jewellery using exclusively recycled precious metals by 2025.

  • Article image Why are beauty fans favouring glass packaging?

    Long used to store everything from booze to grains to medical specimens, glass packaging is experiencing a resurgence in the beauty sector. But why are contemporary buyers drawn to products encased in this ancient and fragile material? And how can glass packaging influence perceptions of brands?

  • Article image How are people connecting with luxe brands at home?

    The widespread disruption caused by COVID-19 has forced brands in the luxury sector to rapidly rethink how they connect with customers. With high-end shoppers unable to peruse stores and attend exclusive events, how are labels adapting to stay relevant and ensure long-term loyalty?