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  • Will drinking habits picked up during lockdown last long into the future?
  • Will drinking habits picked up during lockdown last long into the future?
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What's next for spirits fans post-Quarantini?

COVID-19 has fostered an environment that has not only raised the desire to drink, but the desire to do so creatively. As lockdown measures cause Britons’ booze behaviours to shift, how can spirits brands reach them at home? And how can bars adapt to changed expectations in the ‘new normal’?

Location United Kingdom

With one in three Britons consuming less alcohol in lockdown than they were before and one in five drinking more frequently, it’s clear that COVID-19 is having a polarising effect on the country’s boozing behaviours. [1] When lockdown measures were brought into effect in March, sales of alcohol leapt by 22%, partly fuelled by people venturing to off-licences to stock up for at-home drinking. [2] Meanwhile, home delivery services such as BeerBods, Savage Vines, and Beer52 capitalised on the sudden closure of pubs by offering a more convenient way to secure ...



  • Article image Haus: D2C aperitifs for mindful drinkers

    With its all-natural flavorings, subscription model, and Instagram-friendly unboxing experience, Haus taps health-focused Gen Yers who want low-sugar, lower-alcohol options. And the brand’s collaboration with COVID-19-shuttered restos appeals to those looking to support the industry.

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    From messages of support to those that aim to entertain, how can brands deepen their relationships with people during a pandemic? Canvas8 spoke to Tom Doctoroff, author of Twitter Is Not a Strategy, to understand the role brand behaviour plays during a time of uncertainty and crisis.

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    With the COVID-19 pandemic causing people to stay at home out of a sense of public responsibility, artists are having to cancel shows worldwide. How are live-streaming platforms filling the void, and could digital behaviours during the crisis create long-term changes in how people consume music?

  • Article image Why are Britons smitten with rum?

    Rum is experiencing a renaissance in Britain as craft producers and premium mixers have elevated the spirit from cheap student inebriator to sophisticated yet casual beverage. But what exactly do drinkers want from a bottle of grog, and how are brands and bars adapting to their expectations?