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  • How can brands lend a helping hand during a crisis?
  • How can brands lend a helping hand during a crisis?
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Why blanket messaging isn’t enough in a crisis

People have responded to the crisis in different ways – either due to personal choice, privilege, or circumstances outside of their control. Canvas8 spoke to Juliana Horowitz and Dr. Grant McCracken to understand how brands can uncover the nuances of the pandemic experience for their audience.

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“In the current moment, we’re looking at the embrace of digital technologies that we succeeded only in partially embracing over the last 30 years,” says Dr. Grant McCracken, anthropologist and author of Chief Culture Officer. “This pushes us, out of necessity, to become vastly more comfortable with digital options and I think it ushers in a full conversion to becoming a digital economy.” [1] From first dates to real-time sports fandom, many activities have migrated online as continued lockdown and social distancing measures prohibit ‘normal’ interaction. And this acceleration in digitisation could be ...



  • Article image What do introverts want from brands post COVID-19?

    Stuck at home and unable to meet friends and family, COVID-19 has made temporary introverts of us all. What can brands learn from this base of consumers that’s previously flown under the radar? And as lockdown measures lift, how can they continue to care for people who prefer life at home?

  • Article image How has lockdown affected people’s relationships?

    The lockdown measures introduced to reduce the spread of COVID-19 have kept people confined with certain loved ones for months while preventing them from seeing others. Canvas8 spoke to 17 Britons and Americans to find out how this period of self-isolation has impacted their relationships.

  • Article image Do people want to be rescued by brands in a crisis?

    COVID-19 could potentially reshape people’s shopping habits based on the way that businesses respond to the crisis. Canvas8 spoke to semiotics expert Soma Ghosh to learn how brands are honing their communications to reassure and empower audiences – and win their loyalty in the process.

  • Article image Why thick data makes big data more valuable

    With digital devices and online platforms generating masses of user data every second, it’s easy to rely on numbers to make decisions – but what are the risks? Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Tricia Wang, a tech ethnographer and Nudgestock speaker, to find out why big data needs thick data to make sense.