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  • Why do some people actively avoid useful information?
  • Why do some people actively avoid useful information?
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Ignorance is bliss! The science of the ostrich effect

Whether it’s exam results or election updates, people aren’t always eager to find out new information, instead finding solace in the unknown. Canvas8 spoke to Emily Ho, a research assistant professor at Northwestern University, to understand why some people choose to be blissfully ignorant.

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The first half of 2020 has been overwhelming for many people. From the Australian bushfires to the COVID-19 pandemic to civil unrest around police brutality and systemic racism, history books will likely characterise the year as one in which large-scale crises rapidly followed one another. During this time, the internet has proven to be something of a survival tool, helping individuals stay connected to friends and family, enabling them to work remotely, and ensuring they can access information to make sense of an ever-shifting landscape. In March, Vodafone claimed to have seen data traffic increase by 50% ...



  • Article image What do people want from the media in anxious times?

    In the middle of a pandemic, Americans are scrambling to keep abreast of the headlines – and stay sane while doing so. How can people stay informed while maintaining their mental health? And what else, besides objective information, can the media offer to those stuck at home?

  • Article image What does escapism look like in a pandemic?

    With people spending more time at home, they’re turning to entertainment to break the monotony of the everyday and channel their anxiety into something more hands-on. But can escapism really help people feel more empowered? And how do they want brands to speak to them during a pandemic?

  • Article image How are young Britons reading the news?

    Young people are consuming the news in vastly different ways to generations before them, but news brands still don’t know how to speak to them. How can young people get the information they need to be informed citizens and is it time to rethink what news means for the next generation?

  • Article image How can men be encouraged to chat about health?

    From their outward appearance to inner bodily functions, many men struggle to talk to others about how they’re doing. Canvas8 spoke to three experts about how charities and brands can promote open conversations among men about physical and mental health, thereby improving their wellbeing.