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  • How has lockdown affected our need for close contact?
  • How has lockdown affected our need for close contact?
    Josue Ladoo Pelegrin (2020) ©

Has a lack of touch impacted our desires?

Whether it’s living vicariously through Normal People or counting down the days until a physical reunion, COVID-19 has forced us into a no-touch climate and we’re mourning the lack of skin-to-skin contact. Canvas8 spoke to three experts to explore what a post-touch world could look like.

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“This video is dedicated to touching – May 18, 2020,” reads the opening frame for Harry Styles’ ‘Watermelon Sugar’. In it, Styles caresses watermelon slices on a sun-drenched beach, frolics in the waves, and poses for pictures with a posse of models. But the tribute to touch is striking – in just three minutes, Styles gets more skin-on-skin contact than most of us have had in the nearly three months since lockdown began in late March 2020. With people around the world practising social distancing and self-isolation to curb the spread of COVID-19, having sex, hugging friends, ...



  • Article image Let’s catch up! The science of connection

    Video calls may have helped to ease isolation during lockdown, but it’s not just humans that can provide a sense of connection. Canvas8 spoke to social psychologist Dr. Elaine Paravati Harrigan to understand how people are fulfilling social needs with or without others.

  • Article image How has lockdown affected people’s relationships?

    The lockdown measures introduced to reduce the spread of COVID-19 have kept people confined with certain loved ones for months while preventing them from seeing others. Canvas8 spoke to 17 Britons and Americans to find out how this period of self-isolation has impacted their relationships.

  • Lockdown ignites Americans’ desire for physical touch Lockdown ignites Americans’ desire for physical touch

    Above going to restaurants, seeing friends, or shopping, the thing Americans miss the most during lockdown is physical touch. COVID-19 has shifted our relationships with ourselves and others, and as intimacy is reframed, there’s room for brands to support people who crave deep connections.  

  • Sex toy sales surge as COVID-19 reshapes intimacy Sex toy sales surge as COVID-19 reshapes intimacy

    Sales of sex toys have jumped as the COVID-19 outbreak sees people bunker down for extended periods of self-isolation in their homes. The effects of social distancing may have a long-lasting effect on intimacy as individuals become more self-reliant to overcome loneliness and boredom.