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  • How can the media landscape better reflect modern Britain?
  • How can the media landscape better reflect modern Britain?
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Why is media diversity a front-page issue for Britons?

The representation of ethnic minorities in the media may have improved over the past half-century, but accusations of tokenism and biased coverage remain prevalent. With broadcasters and publishers often shaping cultural agendas, how can they meet their audiences’ expectations for diversity?

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“This weekend, thousands of foolish individuals broke lockdown to attend a completely meaningless cause,” said comedian Munya Chawawa, posing as a BBC News presenter in a skit posted on his Twitter account. The viral sketch, which was shared by the likes of John Boyega and Armando Iannucci, highlighted the “subtle racism” of the media’s coverage of Black Lives Matter protests in the UK. As well as accusing attendees of “bruising the oxygen by raising their fists,” he went on to misidentify Black protesters as Mo Farah and Ms. Dynamite. [1] Like any good satire, the ...



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    2020 Generational Snapshot of Gen Z

    How are young people balancing their bleak world-view with a distinct sense of humour? Why do values-led Zers sometimes shop unethically? What steps are they taking to safeguard their increased usage of tech? And how will their attitudes to health be shaped by COVID-19?

  • IoC promotes diversity in tech with IGTV series

    IoC promotes diversity in tech with IGTV series

    The Institute of Coding (IoC) has released a documentary series on Instagram TV that addresses the biases and social issues affecting the tech industry. By shining a light on such problems, it’s looking to get more young people interested in making these spaces diverse and inclusive.

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    How ethnic minority writers are finding their voice

    British literature is undergoing a renaissance, as the canon begins to include and champion a diverse range of writers. With modern readers – young ones, in particular – wanting improved representation in mass media, the publishing landscape is reshaping to prioritise nuanced narratives and a multiplicity of voices.

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    Vogue: a revamped icon for diverse and digital readers

    Print media may be in decline, but the sales of British Vogue are rising under the stewardship of Edward Enninful. By investing in digital integration and committing to diverse representation, the iconic magazine has successfully adapted to the reading habits and values of contemporary audiences.