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  • How are women acting now to improve their future financial health?
  • How are women acting now to improve their future financial health?
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What stops women from saving for retirement?

The financial inequalities faced by women in America aren’t limited to a pay gap. Traditional gender expectations and a lack of tailored services mean that they’re also less prepared for retirement than men. So, how can women be encouraged to build a nest egg as they move through life?

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Why do women in America often struggle to save for life after work? Simply put, they care too much (literally) and employers don’t care enough. Sporadic breaks in employment due to family needs combined with gender-based, career-long pay disparities mean that most women have few opportunities to create a nest egg. Though they’re having children later than ever before, they’re still much more likely than men to take time out of their careers to care for their families, and as women nationwide live an average of five years longer than men, they’re more likely to reside by themselves in ...



  • Article image Ally Bank: using behavioral science to motivate savers

    The online-only Ally Bank has introduced new features to encourage Americans to change their attitudes towards saving and make it easier to achieve savings goals. As such, Ally Bank has brought financial psychology on saving habits, technology, and traditional banking together with new saving tools.

  • Article image Why don’t women self-promote in the workplace?

    Women often shy away from highlighting their achievements and value at work. But considering they’re positively impacted by another woman’s success, how can brands, platforms, and an inclusive approach help women get comfortable sharing their success and inspire them to claim their worth?

  • Article image SmartPurse: empowering busy women to be cash-smart

    Women are often let down by the finance industry, from patronising campaigns to intimidating institutions. Online toolkit SmartPurse provides jargon-free financial information, a chance to network with other women on and offline, and a database for finding a financial adviser or coach. 

  • Article image How are working moms shaking up the system?

    The soccer mom cliché couldn’t feel more dated. These days, American moms are more likely to be breadwinners than pitchside cheerleaders. But a new era for moms doesn’t mean businesses have adapted, so they’re making new realities instead. How are moms taking control – and are brands keeping up?